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Review and Planning

Experienced in 3rd-party review and planning with applications in electric power system design and analysis.

We have expertise in many areas:

 (switchgear and open-air designs up to 345 kV and 100's of MVA),

Transmission switching stations
 (ring-bus, bkr+1/2, double-bus/breaker, main-and-transfer),

Distribution systems
 (overhead, underground, networks),

Collector systems
 (overhead, underground),

Low voltage power systems
 (831, 600, 480, 208, 120/240, industrial, commercial, residential, control power),

Reactive power compensation systems (capacitor banks, reactors, synchronous machines, power electronic converters),

Power system protection
(relay settings, control design),

Economic conductor selection
 (overhead transmission, distribution),

System study 3rd party review
 (short circuit, load flow, voltage regulation, arc-flash, large motor starting).