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Energy Storage Links

Energy storage is an upcoming technology that has the potential of revolutionizing the energy industry in may ways not yet realized.  This page is dedicated to providing web links to energy storage news, policies, equipment and technology on our ever shrinking planet.  If you find this information helpful or have comments, we would appreciate your feedback...contact us.

Video Links:

August 5, 2014

June 25, 2014

Michel Laberge: How synchronized hammer strikes could generate nuclear fusion
March, 2014, TED Talks 

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Policies and Programs:

California Public Utilities Commission

Technology and Research Links:

Charging calculator - Tesla Motors

Some Typical Specific Energy Densities [kWh/kg]:

0.00001 Electrostatic capacitor (typical electronic applications)
0.005 Supercapacitor (typical electronic applications)
0.018 Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™ Aquion M-line, 25.5 kWh)
0.019 Liquid-metal battery (Ambri 2014 Beta Core, 35 kWh)
0.03-0.05 Lead-acid battery
0.08 Nickel-metal hydride battery
0.19 Alkaline battery
0.1-0.24 Lithium-ion battery
0.15-0.5 Sodium-ion battery (Faradion)
0.83 Gunpowder
1.4 TNT
2.6 Lithium-sulfur battery (Hyundai R&D) 
4.5 Wood
4.67 Protein
4.72 Carbohydrates
>5 GigaCapacitor (White Paper by D. Rivkin)
5.47 Methanol
6.7 Coal
10.3 Fat
11.6 Lithium-air (Li-O2) battery (Argonne National Lab)
11.9 Aviation fuel (Jet A), kerosene
12.8 Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel oil
12.9 LPG
14.9 Natural gas
34.2 Hydrogen (compressed at 70 MPa)
2.3 x 10Uranium 235
2.5 x 1010 Mass-energy equivalence E = mc2
5.0 x 1010 Antimatter

Some Energy Storage Equipment Costs [$US/kWh]:

$50 predicted cost for stationary storage

$82 Lead-acid battery
Source: $112/115 Ahr @12 V, Sears DieHard deep-cycle marine RV

$100-200 target cost for all-electric car

$125 GigaCapacitor
Source: White Paper by D. Rivkin

$160 Zinc hybird cathode (Eos Aurora)
Source: Eos Energy Storage, website, January, 2015

$250 cost for 4 MWh stationary battery system
based on AES Energy Storage battery systems

$400 present (approx) cost of Tesla Model S Lithium-ion battery

$500 target for Liquid Metal Battery
Source: GreenZone.co

$587 Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™ Aquion M-line, 28.6 kWh)
Source: Budget quotation from Aquion, January 15, 2015

$1600 Lithium-ion battery w/ integrated converters
Source: $64k/40kWh Coda Energy

$53,900 Supercapacitor
Source: $1,456/83F @48 V, Maxwell Technologies BMOD module

Some Energy Transportation Costs [$US/100-miles]:

$0.15 Electric bicycle
ResearchGate: Using national average electrical energy cost of $0.12/kWh, 1.2 kWh required to go 100 miles at an average speed of 10 mi/hr, 83.3 mi/kWh, time to charge approximately 2 hr.

$5.31 Tesla Model S, 2014
Using national average electrical energy cost of $0.12/kWh (3-15-2014) and standard 110 V, 12 A, outlet, 150 miles, $7.96, 66.3 kWh, 2.26 mi/kWh, time to charge 00:46:03.

$17.68 Toyota Tacoma, 2008
My truck - 4.0L V6, 85% octane gas using national average gas cost of $3.50/gal (3-15-2014) all time averages are 309.1 miles, 15.6 gal, 19.8 mi/gal, time to fuel 00:05:00.
Selected News Articles:

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