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Jim Phipps, P.E.

Trekking for 30+ years in electric power engineering, Jim's technical qualifications are summarized on this page.


Master of Science Electrical Engineering - MSEE
University of Colorado Denver

PE Registrations

State of Colorado

Alaska, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming

Honor Societies

Lecturer – Electric Circuit Analysis
Instructor – MEL 1 Lab
Instructor – MEL 2 Lab

Lecturer – Electric Circuit Analysis for EEs
Lecturer – Electric Circuit Analysis for non-EEs
Instructor – Electric Circuit Analysis Lab

Engineering Experience

Studies:  Arc-flash, short circuit, coordination, load-flow, harmonic distortion, power quality, transient, motor starting voltage drop and acceleration, power factor correction; line impedance calculations, NESC conductor clearances; loading districts, pole class calculations; maximum horizontal span calculations; sag and tension calculations.

Substation design:  Substations up to 345 kV, electrical design including complete relaying and protection control design, grounding IEEE Std.80, raceway systems, switchgear, control buildings, relay panels, RTU/SCADA, breakers, CCVTs, metering units, capacitor banks, equipment specifications; voltage levels: 4.16, 6.9, 12.47, 13.2, 13.8, 24.94, 34.5, 69, 115, 138, 161, 230 and 345 kV, transformer capacity: 5-300 MVA.

Switching station design:  Switching stations, 115, 230 and 345 kV, ring-bus, bkr+1/2, double-bus/double-breaker, main-and-transfer, multiple bays, retrofits and breaker additions, new and existing.

Transmission lines:  Projects under responsible charge include an AC interference study for 170 mi, 345 kV transmission line; economic feasibility study for 70 mi, 500 kV, 345 kV, 230 kV, 1200 MVA; wind generation, 3 mi, 230 kV, H-frame, wood.

Special Projects:  Harmonic filters for ski lifts, drill rigs, pumping plants, rock crushers, rubber mixers and large sea vessels; high-resistance grounding; excitation systems; 3rd harmonic neutral grounding reactors for parallel generators; wound rotor resistor induction motor starters; closed polygon phase shifting auto-transformers; PLC based control and data acquisition systems; MSHA grounding practices in underground and surface mining applications; capacitor bank control for 12-step, 34.5 kV, 108 Mvar; submersible pump variable speed drive power design for water projects, 480-2,400 V, 150-1000 hp; collector systems for wind generation, 34.5 kV, 300 MVA, 254 turbines; SCADA and communication systems; harmonic filter specification for 18,000 hp, 50 Hz, cyclo-converter.

Field Engineering, Investigations and Testing:  Field engineering, investigations and testing projects, failure analysis and forensic engineering; corona testing and analysis on high voltage synchronous machines; power factor insulation testing on synchronous motors and generators; field startups; power quality; switching transient testing; ground resistance testing; RFI, EMC and EMF testing; audible corona noise measurement on 230 kV transmission lines.

Protective Relaying:  Experienced in many areas of power system protection including, phase and ground overcurrent, differential, high-resistance grounding, reclosing, sync-check, transformers, motors, generators, transmission lines, distribution lines.  Relay setting experience includes many different types of electro-mechanical, solid-state electronic and numerical relay systems:
  • SEL-300G,-311C,-311L,-351,-351S,-387,-387E, -421,-487V,-501,-551,-587,-587Z;
  • Balser BE1-51,-59,-87,-CDS,-27,-79,-81;
  • GE/Multilin-4a,-69,-169,-269,-469,-751,-L90;
  • Westinghouse-CA,-CO,-CR,-HU.