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Trek Engineering, LLC offers presentations on various technical subjects. 

We customize our presentations to best suit your interests. Contact us for details.
Arc Fault Equations and the Effect of Arc Length

Capacitor Banks Part 1: Grounding and Protection

Capacitor Banks Part 2: Performance and Control

Capacitor Banks Part 3: Switching Transients

Circuit Analysis and Basic Electroncis

Energy Conversion

Filter Design: A Transfer Function Approach

Harmonic Current Injection in Distribution Feeders

Investing: Mean Variance Analysis and the Efficient Frontier

Motor Starting: Voltage Drop and Acceleration

Parallel Resonance

Phase Shifting Transformers and Harmonic Cancellation

Power Quality: Basics

Power Quality: Best Practices for Electric Utilities

Power Quality: Harmonic Concerns

Power Quality: The DIA Baggage System

Power Quality: Testing, Measurement and Analysis

Power System Analysis: Symmetrical Components and Faults

Power System Harmonics

Power System Protection: Short Circuits, Relay Protection and Coordination

Substation Electrical Design: Layout, One-lines, Ratings, Protection, Schematics, Wiring and Control

Subsynchronous Resonance at the Moffat Tunnel