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Review and Planning

Experienced in 3rd-party review and planning with applications in electric power system design and analysis.

We have expertise in many areas:
  • Substations (switchgear and open-air designs up to 345 kV and 100's of MVA),
  • Transmission switching stations (ring-bus, bkr+1/2, double-bus/breaker, main-and-transfer),
  • Distribution systems (overhead, underground, networks),
  • Collector systems (overhead, underground),
  • Low voltage power systems (831, 600, 480, 208, 120/240, industrial, commercial, residential, control power),
  • Reactive power compensation systems,
  • Power system protection (relay settings, control design),
  • Economic conductor selection (overhead transmission, distribution),
  • System study 3rd party review (short circuit, load flow, voltage regulation, arc-flash, large motor starting).