PQ Links

This page contains some links related to power quality conditioning equipment and technology. While we have direct experience with most of these products, we aren't attempting to endorse manufacturers or provide a complete list of all possible manufacturers.

Bridge Power (i.e., the delivery of short duration backup power)

Ultracapacitor Technology

Harmonic Filters

Passive: ABB, Gilbert, Mirus, NEPSI, Trans Coil, Schaffner

Active: ABB, Comsys, Trans Coil, Schaffner,

Schaefer Power

VFD output filters (passive): Trans Coil

Line Reactors

Trans Coil, Schaffner

Specialty Transformers

Mirus, Southwest Electric, Powersmiths, Schaffner

Large UPS and Static VAR Compensators

American Superconductor, Comsys, Hitec, Piller-Rotary UPS, Piller-Static UPS, S&C Electric

Fuel Cells

Bloomenergy, ClearEdge

Integrated PQ Systems (Voltage Support, PF, Filtering, De-tuning, Sub-cycle Fast Switching, Motor Start)

ABB, Elspec

Power Conversion Technology

APS Adaptive Power Systems


Magnetic Field Shielding

Magnetic Shielding Corp.

Motor Shaft Currents (bearing fluting wear)


EMC/EMI Filters


Stray Voltage (dairy farms)


Point-On-Wave Switching (POW)


Surge Capacitors and Snubbers

ABB, NEPSI, Rex Power Magnetics


Current Technology, NEPSI

Test Equipment

Fluke, Elspec, Dranetz, Hioki, Aemc, Yokogawa


Metering / Monitoring

SEL, Elspec, PQube

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