Power Quality

We have experience in solving many types of power quality problems, working with:

    • Design engineers,

    • Equipment manufacturers,

    • Owners,

    • Utilities.

Our power quality experience includes:

Harmonic Filters (480 volt to 35 kV, passive 1st, 2nd and 3rd order systems, de-tuning and resonance control),

Phase-shifting (two-winding and closed-polygon, harmonic cancellation, 6, 12, 18 and 24-pulse rectifiers),

Switching transients (capacitor switching, ferroresonance),

Surge protection (selection of surge arresters, basic energy reduction applications),

Voltage drop and flicker (motor starting voltage drop, acceleration time, capacitor voltage rise, utility reclosing, IEEE-1453 flicker calculations for welders, rolling mills, industrial shredders, arc furnaces),

Power system grounding (application and code conformance),

Telephone and radio interference cased by power lines (induction, multipoint grounding conduction, corona, spark-gaps, harmonics from non-linear loads, digital multiplexing causing decoding errors and analog noise in POTS lines),

Testing and troubleshooting,

Research and reporting.